How it started...

 Four days before Christmas Eve 2015, Dick Jansen from Burgum, the Netherlands, got the idea to burn candle lights on the war graves in his hometown, just as it had been done for 25 years at the Canadian cemetery in Holten. His second thought was: why not do this in all of the Netherlands? He set up a Facebook action on the Facebook page of Keep Them Rolling, with the idea ´if 15 to 20 people also do this, it would be great ´But it turned out very differently ... the action on social media was massively picked up and shared by many people. The response was unbelievable, and on Christmas Eve there were candles at war cemeteries in over 140 places in the Netherlands. A start of a new Dutch tradition?

You can also join! And let even more lights burn

Our aim

On Christmas Eve on war graves throughout the Netherlands and also outside a Light burned. Starts at 5 pm.


* Make the administrator of the
   cemetery aware of this
* You can use so-called.
   mourning candles.
* If it is windy you can also use
   a glass jar with a tea light. Turn
   the bottom of the jar towards the
* There are also "tea lights" using batteries. Then turn it upside down
   a glass jar on top.
* Remove the lights again after Christmas
   and make sure the grave is tidy and clean again.
* Make sure you have a flashlight or something with you
   as it can be dark on the
* Should the cemetery really be closed on
   Christmas Eve, then place the lights
   before the closing time.

How do I can participate?

* Check the lights map to see if a light is already being placed on your location.
* Look at the light maps of previous years who placed the lights and maybe you can work something out together for 2018.
* Contact the curator of the cemetery for permission and tell them about this international action.
* Report your promotion to via the Facebook site
Please make a new topic for each location. Your location will then be added to the light card.
TIP for large honorary fields
* Contact the local media and report your action and make a call for help (volunteers).

Jeroen Wijgerse from the Netherlands met the veterans Joe Glawson and Jim Carroll and told them about the initiative of the lights on war graves. Find out what they think of it watching his video.


Here an overview map of where lights burn. This map is regularly updated. Click the pin on the card and you will see an FB link of the person who places a light. You may want to meet with this person to put the lights and help each other.

See for the counter on the Dutch page

Where can I find a war grave?

The links below show you where the war graves in your area are located.